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Sunny Mayweather, J.T.

Young, saucy cheerleader, Sunny Mayweather has bumped into J.T, an older classman she used to have a crush on. Not missing his chance to try to nail the tramp who got away, J.T college sex party easily charms her into hanging out in the privacy of her bedroom. She pounces on her sheets still wearing her innocent, turquoise miniskirt complete with pom poms. J.T pinky swears Sunny that he’ll pinch her gently before he’s about to nut. As soon as the terms are set, he straddles his young prize and bangs her tight coed hole cowgirl style! Then, he flips her around and drills her from reverse, enjoying that tender rear-end view to the max. Just as he’s commenting on how deliciously warm and tight her vag is, he busts! Hot ejaculate injection!

Tiffany Star, Will Powers

Tiffany Star is 18 as you can see from her ID and she loves trick-or-treating every Halloween, but this year she’s in for a special treat! The hollowed out pumpkin candy holder is a hot college sex perfect ‘whack-off-O-lantern’ once Tiffany puts her hand inside it and starts feeling around for candy. She knows right away that the shaft in the bucket is the best cum-filled treat she’s going to get during the holiday season!

Kandi Milan, Christian XXX

Perverted schoolteacher Christian XXX sure knows how to keep his young tarts in line. He keeps nubile brunette Kandi Milan back after class, determined to get her up to speed with her lessons. Of course, sexy Kandi couldn’t give a shit about her schoolwork; she’s of the age where all she can think about is shlong, 24/7! She’s always thought that her older teacher Christian was a bit of the stud, and she has noticed the impressive package swinging about in his pants. Kandi abandons her horney college girls blackboard duties in favor of blowing on her teacher’s hard prick, and soon she is spreadeagled on his manhood, bouncing up and down with wild abandon.

Katie Michaels, Dave Pounder

Sexy brunette babe Katie Michaels has a perfect body, teen sex pictures and here she shows off her hot butt and pert boobies to our guy Dave Pounder. Dave sits her on his knee and starts to lick her pink nipples and stroke her swollen pussy lips before Katie gets down on her knees and unleashes his penis from his pants, swiftly taking the full length of it into her mouth. After blowing his knob and licking his nuts Katie climbs aboard Dave’s wang and pumps her shaved juicy twat up and down while he pulls her hair and spanks her backside. After a heavy session of doggy style fucking Katie kneels down and Dave fills her slutty mouth with a load of his special sauce.

Ally Kay, Will Powers

Perverted park ranger Will Powers scores gorgeous 18-year-old fuck starlet Ally Kay and takes her back to his lodge for a private pounding. At first young Ally is taken aback at the older gentleman’s advances, but when he pushes her down bust cherry onto her knees and sticks his manhood in her mouth she sucks it like a good model! At the crib, Will really goes crazy on the firm young babe’s beaver with his large shlong, bending her over a bench and pulling her lingerie down around her knees for an exceptional doggystyle fuck. You can really see those tight pussy lips stretching to accommodate the hefty girth of the dong! Ally is splattered with semen.

Giselle Leon, Bruce Venture

Shot in true guerrilla gonzo fashion, Bruce and his buddy are about to meet up with a new, black college sex up and coming chick, Giselle Leon and they’ve got the camera to catch every detail. She’s one of your adorable, alt-rock punk womans with the pierced nose, pale milky skin and shlong-starved attitude! Bruce Venture jams his meat missile right in her barely legal mouth and watches our punk princess deep-throat his junk. The cameraman suggests that Bruce just go ahead and bang her mouth, an idea he quickly puts into action. Soon enough, tears of mascara well up and trickle down her fresh cheeks. For her next trick, she magically makes Venture’s long cock disappear into her shaved hot topic goth cunt! Watch her virgin face get splattered in hot man chum!

Tiffany Star, Billy Glide

Slutty brunette school chick, Tiffany, is coasting through all her senior year classes with the exception of professor Billy Glyde’s… Only one hard shaft remains between Tiffany and her diploma, and it just so happens to be attached to her studly male teacher. Billy puts on his naughty hat, dives his hand underneath her plaid miniskirt and fills her crotch up with his two meaty fingers. The young darling gasps when she brings his dickhead to her lips. She’s never had such a enormous, throbbing member crammed in her 18 year-old mouth before! Watch this ghetto bitch wail in innocent, lingering delight when Billy nonchalantly stuffs his veiny, thick bruiser teen sex movies deep in her dripping cunt! This is one after-school special you can’t afford to miss…

Ashlyn Rae, Billy Glide

Sexy brunette college babe Ashlyn Rae desperately needs to improve her grades. Lucky for her, the head teacher Billy Glide has always fantasized about this petite lesbian hottie, ever since he saw her around the school pool in her bathing teen sex galleries suit. When she approaches Billy, it doesn’t take long for him to suggest that she get down on her knees and suck his massive manhood! However, it’s going to take more than a mere bit of oral service to improve this tramp’s report card – she is going to have to give up the cunt as well! One especially hot part is when Billy has Ashlyn bent over his desk, and he sticks his thumb up her anus while he pounds her beaver.